The Town of Blacksburg’s Sustainability Manager and members of the Climate Action Plan working group are pleased to announce that Blacksburg’s Climate Action Plan was unanimously accepted by Blacksburg’s Town Council on September 13, 2016.

“I’m proud to have been involved in the development of this plan,” said Councilman John Bush, who served as the Council liaison to the Climate Action Plan Working Group. “Enacting this plan will bring significant benefits to Blacksburg’s citizens and the community as a whole.  Communities that are designed for energy efficiency in buildings and transportation options enjoy the economic benefit of avoided energy costs.  Communities that make sure people can get where they need to go in more active ways enjoy better public health outcomes, improved air quality, and reduced congestion.  Communities that make deliberate and wise choices about development are better positioned to preserve rural landscapes, support robust local food systems, and maintain the health and integrity of local watersheds, forests, and wildlife habitats.  This is a vision for Blacksburg that I can get behind.”

Citizens from Sustainable Blacksburg first urged the Town’s leadership to join the Mayors’ Cool Cities Initiative in 2007 and make a clear commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In the years since, the Town followed through on that commitment by performing a community-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventory, engaging hundreds of citizens to better understand their vision for Blacksburg’s clean energy future, and seeking expertise from key stakeholders as well as Virginia Tech research teams in order to develop this plan.

The plan is divided into six chapters covering the major sectors of the community that substantially contribute to Blacksburg’s greenhouse gas emissions.  These include: Residential, Transportation, Commercial/Industrial, Food, Waste & Recycling, Land Use, and Renewable Energy.  The Blacksburg Climate Action Plan can be viewed here.

For additional information contact: Carol Davis, Sustainability Manager, Town of Blacksburg –, 540-558-0786

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