Housing Resiliency Grants in the Town of Blacksburg
An accessible shower to help ensure safety and support Aging-in-Place.

The Town of Blacksburg is creating a new program to help people address energy efficiency, accessibility and health and safety issues in their homes. Called the Housing Resiliency Grant program, the goal is to improve homes so people are more comfortable and secure in their housing. Both owners and tenants are eligible for the grants (provided the owner also signs the application). Grants, up to $5,000, can be used for: (1) energy efficiency improvements including energy efficient HVAC systems, attic insulation, and air sealing, (2) accessibility improvements such as ramps, accessible showers and toilets, doorway and hallway widening, and (3) health and safety issues such as gas or water leaks, electrical problems, or structural repairs. Other items than those listed may also be eligible for grant funding. To be eligible for the grants people need to earn less than the following based on household size:

1 person: $38,400
2 people: $43,850
3 people: $49,350
4 people: $54,900
5 people: $59,200
6 people: $63,600

To learn more about the program and obtain an application please contact: Town of Blacksburg, Housing & Neighborhood Services, housing@blacksburg.gov or call 540-443-1613.

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