On August 22, the Dialogue on Race held its first Virtual Summer Summit, inviting the community to come together and learn about and confront the realities of racial trauma.  The event drew upon scholarship surrounding this topic as well as the lived experiences of community members.

The event drew more than 300 participants indicating a high-level of interest in the topic.  Participants in the live event were invited to share their physical and emotional reactions as speakers shared their stories, represented in the word cloud image here.

A recording of the live event as well as full versions of video clips that were shown during the event can be viewed at the Dialogue on Race YouTube Channel; a resource guide that was created for the event can be downloaded here.

The Dialogue on Race (DOR), a program of The Community Group (TCG), plans to host five more events on race-based trauma as it relates to each of the DOR issue groups.  Visit the Dialogue on Race website to learn more about their work, and subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates on future events.

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