A small group of people dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to own safe, decent and affordable homes brought Habitat for Humanity to the New River Valley in 1987. 43 homes have been built and sold to hard working families throughout the NRV. Based on the principle of a “Hand up not a hand out” our homebuyers volunteer alongside others to keep construction costs down. They take home buyer and ownership classes to become ready for the responsibility of a mortgage and homeownership. Through their mortgage payment, homeowners help fund future homes. 

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be a homeowner every month when I write my mortgage check. It wouldn’t have happened with Habitat”.

Over the decades Habitat has expanded their programs to include home repairs and support for building trades programs in high schools. They provide the plans and material for students and instructors to build a modular home and then truck it to the foundation for completion. Both of these programs address changing needs in our communities.

“By bringing the job site to our school I am able to teach real world construction techniques and illustrate the challenges students will face”, Paul Baker GTS instructor.

Habitat continues to modify their approach to meet the ever changing needs of our community but their core focus of building a better life through strong and stable homes to help build strong and stable communities will never change.

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