The NRV Disability Resource Center Team
The NRV Disability Resource Center Team

Established in 2015, the New River Valley Disability Resource Center (NRV DRC) serves as one of Virginia’s newest Centers for Independent Living in Virginia. Information and referral, independent living skills training, peer support, advocacy, and transition assistance (including youth) are the center’s five core services offered free to individuals with any type of disability, at any age. Since every consumer faces his or her own specific circumstances, NRV DRC is well- prepared to find solutions that can help individuals become more independent. For example, the center has assisted with filing for Social Security or wanting to participate in the Ticket to Work program.

A large portion of their focus is on home modifications for individuals with disabilities who need these alterations to maintain accessibility. Regardless if you rent or own your home, NRV DRC will help expedite the process. NRVDRC hasaccess to resources for a range of modifications, but these services must create a positive effect on the disability. For example, if an individual is deaf, they can’t justify building a ramp onto their house but they can justify the need for amplification devices, hearing aids, or in some cases iPads.

NRV DRC has two independent living coordinators who work one-on-one with consumers on obtaining appropriate funding for modification projects or assistive technology. They can also help with independent living skills and transition someone from a rehab facility back into their home. Another important staff member is their community advocate who helps students and families with special education assessment and IEP reviews. The advocate performs outreach in our service areas of Giles, Floyd, Montgomery, and Pulaski Counties, and the City of Radford.

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