The New River Valley Regional Commission and the tourism departments of Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski and Radford have teamed up to develop a regional guide of hiking and biking trails, helping guide visitors to the region’s most popular outdoor recreation opportunities. The trail guide features information on 15 popular trails, such as the Cascades, the Huckleberry Trail, the New River Trail, and Wildwood Park. The guide has maps to each trail, and information such as trail length, elevation, major features, and nearby attractions.

The NRVRC and local partners received a Virginia Tourism Corporation ‘Marketing Leverage Program’ grant to cover a portion of the cost of developing and printing the New River Valley Trail Guide. The partners plan to update the trail guide for future printings, adding new content and trails to keep outdoor enthusiasts coming to the New River Valley to visit. The trail guide is one example of the partnerships that the New River Valley tourism staff have undertaken to promote the many outdoor recreation assets of the region, which can attract tourists to spend some time in the region– and spend some money at local businesses during their visit!

The New River Valley Trail Guide is available at regional visitors’ centers and online at the Explore New River Valley website at:

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