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After two years of  research and planning, the New River Valley TimeBank, a project developed and   supported through the efforts of the NRV Livability  Initiative and the NRV Aging in Place Leadership Team, will officially launch this fall.

A TimeBank helps to connect people to exchange skills and services, using time rather than dollars. When a member provides one hour of service for someone, they earn one Time Credit. They can then spend this Time Credit by receiving an hour of service from someone else. The possibilities for  exchange are endless and may include home repair, animal care, yard work, cooking lessons, computer instruction, etc.  All services are valued equally, and all members are respected for what they have to offer. It is an old idea made new—the idea that our community is stronger when neighbors make a practice of helping each other.

The NRV TimeBank is currently developing partnerships with local organizations to help support its work. The Blacksburg Chapter of AARP and LewisGale Montgomery Hospital are partnering with the TimeBank in an effort to help residents of the NRV ‘age in place’, as well as promote TimeBank membership with their volunteers.

Information about signing up and attending an orientation session can be found on the website at nrvtimebank.org. The public is invited to the NRV TimeBank Launch Event on Sept 22 at 11:30 am at Market Square Park in Blacksburg. For more information contact Ellen Stewart at nrvtimebank@gmail.com.

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