New River

On December 2nd, 2016, representatives from localities across the NRV and other interested parties, met to discuss re-establishing the New River Watershed Roundtable. The New River Valley Regional Commission, with funding from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, reviewed several watershed roundtables in Virginia along with activities of the previously convened New River Watershed Roundtable. The group discussed findings related to strong watershed roundtables to best determine the role of the New River Watershed Roundtable in the region. The next meeting will be held in February 2017 and focus on how to better coordinate the different water improvement projects and volunteer efforts throughout the New River Valley. The group will also discuss potential partnerships with other organizations in the region. For more information or to get involved in the next Roundtable Discussion, please contact the NRV Regional Commission at 540-639-9313, or visit their website.

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