Pulaski Grow is an innovative new non-profit organization that provides workforce readiness training for youth 14 to 18 within a working aquaponics business, an agricultural system where fish and crops live in a mutually beneficial environment. Pulaski Grow is the realization of Lee Spiegel’s dream to combine her two passions: gardening and youth training. Lee’s goals are to create a pipeline of job ready employees, strengthen youth prospects in Pulaski County and provide program sustainability to the nonprofit. Through the program youth are able to participate in five levels of training gaining skills in: interviewing, resume writing, product research and development, marketing, and customer service, in addition to aquaponics growing.  Once basic skills are mastered, trainees can move on to management and entrepreneurship trainings, as well as internships with local businesses and agencies.  Trainees must fill out an application and pass a drug test and they experience filmed and graded mock interviews with the county.  Training is free but participants are required to work 25+ hours within the business where they gain experience seeding, transplanting, growing and harvesting organic produce, learning to care for fish, and working with customers and visitors. Pulaski Grow also provides volunteer work experiences for younger youth, college interns, and adults. Many work experiences on site are also inter-generational offering additional learning opportunities for all. If you would like to learn more, contribute or get involved contact: pulaskigrow@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/pcpcGROW.

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