Blending a tradition of innovation and natural resources development with historic building renovation and investments in new startups, the Town of Pulaski has become a hotbed for opportunity.  It may appear Pulaski transformed and hit the scene overnight, when actually this change began nearly 10 years ago.

In 2008, the Town of Pulaski began a remarkable transformation from a heavy manufacturing and industrial based economy to a vibrant commercial and service economy.  That year, most if not all of the Town’s manufacturing facilities sat empty, leaving 11.3 percent of workers without jobs. To spark redevelopment of blighted and underused areas, Pulaski became proactive and looking at funding options.  Starting with a $200,000 U.S. EPA Brownfields grant received in 2009, and leveraging private sector investments, the community is redeveloping by building on the Town’s greatest assets: natural beauty, history, culture, recreational opportunities and an active citizenry.  The Town has continued to be a recipient of the highly competitive EPA Brownfields grants to a total of $700,000. In 2015, as part of the Brownfields program, a once vacant warehouse was transformed into a boutique hotel, restaurant and gathering space for citizens and visitors alike.  The Jackson Park Inn and Conference Center could be considered the catalyst for Downtown Pulaski’s new energy.

Building on the momentum, the Town of Pulaski applied for and received a number of grant awards from the Department of Housing and Community Development to hold public input meetings and develop a Downtown Master Plan.  With over 40 citizens and 300 hours invested in the process, the Town of Pulaski was prepared to compete for (and receive) a larger grant to redevelop a block of West Main Street. As part of the revitalization of the Downtown Business District, the 15 buildings will receive new facades, streetscaping will be improved and the Peak Creek Corridor will be enhanced.  New businesses, that will serve as unique destinations, are set to open in Fall 2019.

One success continues to lead to another, and the vibe around Pulaski has changed. The community that once revolved around the textile, furniture and auto industries is making its comeback with an eclectic group of business investors and young entrepreneurs.   We invite you to discover Pulaski: Where Your New Path Begins.

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