Working Group Notes

For the first year, the Livability Initiative held 7 monthly working groups. The working groups helped to guide the planning process around their topic. They also combined public input with regional information to develop draft goals and strategies that could help to address priority issues identified for each topic area. Staff also continually engaged other organizations and experts that could help provide additional expertise to inform working group discussions. Working group members were invited to two integrated working group meetings to review the draft Interim report and to help prioritize and review information generated for the scenarios and strategies phase of the project. Representatives from each topic-specific working group were present at each meeting.

About Us

The Livability Initiative provides an opportunity for New River Valley residents to develop a vision for the future, and develop strategies that businesses, community organizations, local governments, and individuals can use to make this future vision a reality.


Jessica Wirgau, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Community Foundation of the New River Valley
(540) 381-8999

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