As a small rural region, we often look to other regions for new ideas. However, now many regions are looking to us!

HUD’s Office of Economic Resilience and Office of International and Philanthropic Innovation recently released a guide to building effective public-philanthropic partnerships based on lessons learned from the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI), which provided funding for the New River Valley’s Livability Initiative planning process.

The NRV Livability Partnership was one of 12 featured in the report for our efforts to build partnerships between government, not for  profits, and philanthropy. The report showcases our innovative community outreach efforts as well as the partnership formed between the NRV Regional Commission and the Community Foundation of the NRV to support the implementation of the NRV Livability Action Plan.

Scaling Solutions explores the wide range of roles that philanthropy can play in cross-sector collaborations and identifies strategies for facilitating such partnerships tailored to three distinct audiences: philanthropic institutions, local and regional governance bodies, and federal agencies. These cross-sector partnerships are more crucial now than ever before. The complexity and scale of today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges exceed the ability of any once sector to confront them alone. This guide provides strategies and case studies that demonstrate how government and philanthropy can leverage their knowledge and experience to scale up innovative approaches and maximize support for communities.

Download the report.

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