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Arts & Culture

This working group examined the artistic, historic, and cultural assets of the region. Throughout the process, this working group gathered data and information, combined this information with public priorities and future goals, and identified connections between artistic and cultural heritage and other Livability Initiative topics.  This group explored ways to draw upon our region’s cultural heritage assets and developed a set of recommended strategies for inclusion in the plan.

Arts and Culture Working Group Meeting Notes

October 2011-  NRV Arts and Culture Assets Brainstorm

November 2011

January 2012

February 2012

March 2012

April 2012

May 2012 – Brainstorm of Goals and Strategies

July 2012 – Presentation on Destination Marketing Organizations

Arts & Culture Working Group – Supporting Documents

Arts & Culture- Citizen feedback to date (February 2012)

Arts & Culture – Draft of Regional Resources and Assets (July 2012)

Arts & Culture – Arts and Education Success Model (Summer 2012)

If you have any questions about this working group, please contact Patrick Burton, at, or by phone at 639-9313 ext. 217. You are also invited to provide feedback directly to the Arts and Culture Working Group in the comment box provided below.