Arrest Made in Los Angeles: Man Connected to Gruesome Discovery of Dismembered Female Body and Family Disappearance

A Los Angeles man has been taken into custody by the police for his involvement in the finding of a dismembered female body’s torso. Additionally, his wife and her parents, who lived with them, have gone missing.


The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Saturday the arrest of 35-year-old Samuel Haskell. He has been jailed on suspicion of murder while police attempt to identify the torso, which was found within a bag in a dumpster on Wednesday.

Haskell’s residence in the Tarzana neighborhood, where he resided with his wife, in-laws, and three children, was searched by the police. The evidence found during the search supported his arrest. Unfortunately, Haskell’s 37-year-old wife, Mei Li Haskell, and her parents are currently missing. However, the children have been found and are now under the care of their relatives.

It was unclear whether Haskell had a lawyer to represent him, and there were no online court records indicating if he had hired one or been assigned a public defender. Family members could not be contacted right away.

Haskell was being detained on a $2 million bail and was expected to appear in court on Monday. Several news sources have identified him as the son of a former executive at a well-known Hollywood talent agency.

The parents of Mei Li Haskell were identified as Gaoshan Li, 71, and Yanxiang Wang, 64.

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