Ever wondered Why is Zendaya so famous?

The former actress of the Siderman Homecoming, starring Tom Holand and Zendaya as the main protagonist. Zendaya was in the past rumored to be dating the Spiderman Homecoming Hero, Tom Holand. Both the actors were maintaining security on the matter. They went as far as to, not show up to the events separately. You could not see them together at any event.

Romurs went as far, as announcing that Zendaya was pregnant. Although the rumors were not true as claimed by Zendaya. It was then, that Zendaya requested privacy on her matters. Which almost left her fans wondering, if any of the rumours were true.

The superstar was seen on her Instagram handle, wishing Tom Holand a Happy birthday in a very intimate way, or either appreciating him or just randomly posting Tom’ cute moments.

Zendaya has become quite the influence on her people. Through her Instagram handle, you can see her shooting for the most bold looks. Being a 27-year-old black, she has earned quite a name for herself, through her work.

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Zendaya’s Early Life

Zendaya was first seen in the Disney show, K.C. Undercover. Which was based upon a family of undercover agents working for the United States, where K.C. discovers herself as a perfect agent material.

She was born on September 1st, 1996 in Oakland, California. Her parents were teachers, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Her origin is considered African-American with Nigerian ancestry. Zendaya’s name derives from Shona’s name “Tendai” which means to give thanks. She has five older siblings.

Zendaya started drama and acting at the age of six for Black History Month. She joined a hip-hop dance group called “Future Shock Oakland” and was a member there for three months. She also learned the art of “Hula” with the Academy of Hawaiian Arts.

She attended Oakland School for the Arts. While she was still in school, she was cast in many roles in dramas in the areas.

Zendaya played in the notable drama Lady Anne, and William Shakespeare played, Richard the Third. As you like and also took a part in the production of “Twelfth Night”

Zendaya moved from her hometown to Los Angeles when she was in seventh grade. In 2015 she graduated from Oak Park High School, while she was still pursuing her career in acting.

Image Source WWD


Her early career started with Disney starring in various shows, Icarly Toys AD. She was also featured in many shows and songs by Selena Gomez and Ketty Perry’s song ‘Hot and Cold’. She also auditioned for the Shake It Up show for singing Micheal Jackson’s song ”leave Me Alone” which premiered on the 7th of November 2010 and got 6.2 million views.

Her first film role was in ”Frenemies” as one of the main female leads which was a Disney Channel original movie. For the soundtrack of Live 2 Dance, she recorded three other songs, ”Made in Japan” , Same Heart” and released them as a single promotional.

Other than that, She is famous because being black she has created her name in the industry despite all the discrimination her race faced.

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