The Australian Heartthrob Michael Hutchence. Who is he? What’s interesting About Him?

Michael Hutchence was an Australian singer/musician/ songwriter, and actor. With his, amazing talent, he co-founded the band INXS. He was the lead singer and lyricist of his rock band. Michael was born on Jan 22, 1960. Unfortunately for the band and the world, we lost him very early, when he had just reached the age of 35 on 22 November 1997. 22 November was his last day, embarking on the memorable life he lived. His death touched millions of hearts which was very unfortunate and very sudden. Michael Hutchence was a very private musician, we don’t know about his past relationship, except with Yates and his music career

Michael Hutchence’s Death

on November 22, Michael Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room at Ritz Carlton, while he and his band were on a world tour for their next album release, in the Double Bay suburb of Sydney. the cause of his death was ruled out, death by hanging and suicide.

before his death, his band INXS was on a world tour to support their April new release ” Elegantly Wasted”. Their final stop was Australia, as it marked their 20th-anniversary tour, during November and December. At the time of the tour, his former girlfriend Paula Yates agreed to meet him with their daughters, Geldof, and Tiger LilyHetchence.

Before his death, the last person to see him was actress Kim Wilson. A day before his death, he was heard by the neighbors, shouting on the phone with someone, as their meeting with his daughters was canceled, due to the court custody of his daughter ”Tiger Lily” being moved to 17 Dec, which meant the Gedolfgirls and his daughter could not come to Australia. In the words of Yates,” he could not live one more minute without his daughter. He sounded very upset on the phone”.

Michael Hutchence’s body was found kneeling facing towards the door, with a belt loop tied around his neck. The police claim that he tied the loop to the knob of the door so tight that, when force was applied to his neck jerked him forward that he died on the spot. At exactly 11.30, his body was found by the maid.

According to people, Michael was open to the use of numerous drugs, even in public places.

image source : skynews


Michael Hutchence was born in Crows Nest in the suburb of Sydney. His mother was a makeup artist, and his father was a businessman. His grandparents were English who relocated to Sydney in 1992. He has a younger brother named Rhett, who was born in Brisbane. In high school, he met Andrew Farris, and both of them spent a lot of time jamming together. Later on, his love for music life inspired him to start his band together.

his band was famous and successful in no time. The band alone sold 50 million copies of their CDs in America. And was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2001.

INXS, with its release of ”Welcome To Wherever You Are,” received many good critical reviews and was No. 1 in the UK.

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